Coronavirus (COVID-19) Client Update


Amid the unprecedented pandemic and state of emergency, we are sure that you may be concerned about many things, aside from just your case.  As such, please accept this general update relative to our firm and the court system.  In short, despite this chaotic time we all face, please know that we have implemented our existing crisis response plan and will continue to advocate for your interests.  We also stand ready to help should you need any assistance related to coronavirus legal issues.

New Jersey Court System/Court Hearings

In short, New Jersey’s court and legal systems continue to function.  Jury trials have been suspended until further notice.  Hearings in civil cases will continued as planned, but the courts have modified personal attendance at hearings by attorneys to a telephonic appearance system.  Scheduled court hearings have occurred this week and will continue in the coming weeks and months.

Office Operations

Our firm remains open for business, but we are complying with the six foot social distancing guidelines and limiting all non-essential external interactions.  For that reason, we would ask that for the time being, all client office conferences be moved to telephone conferences.  All court filings already occur electronically via a Court e-portal and we continue to file, serve and receive pleadings in the normal course.  The great majority of correspondence occurs via email and the US Postal Service continues daily delivery of the mail.  We have full remote work capacity and we will continue operations.

We know this is a challenging time we all face.  Please know that we remain hard at work on your cases and protecting your rights in the midst of this chaotic time.  We are hoping that you and your loved ones all remain healthy and safe during this scary and uncertain time.  Please know that we are here for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mark G. Carusillo, Esq.

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